Corrosion is an essential factor deleterious to both the operations and efficiency of systems. Both the type of material and the environmental conditions, particularly what gases that are in contact with the material, determine the form and rate of deterioration.  At Flatrock Engineering and Environmental, LLC, we offer a host of corrosion services. Please look over our list of services and contact the appropriate team members for more information. We look forward to working with you and your team on your next project.

Alternating Current and Lightning Effects Mitigation
Pipelines located in high voltage areas pose a threat to your crews working in the field. Our Professionals are trained to design install and maintain Induced AC Mitigation Systems for safety and corrosion control.

Engineering & Design
Our skilled engineers are trained to help you with all of your cathodic protection project needs. We will support your team with a thorough CP evaluation and provide all the specification and scope of work documents you need. Whether it be ground bed design, AC mitigation design or confirming your compliance procedures, we will ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Field Testing & Surveys
Our team is made up of NACE certified cathodic protection testers, technologists and specialists, all trained to ensure that your CP systems are running smoothly. Flatrock technicians can conduct various types of electrical surveys, such as annual pipe to soil surveys, soil resistivity testing and provide you with the precise data and information your company needs to know. Our qualified technicians are also able to provide you with periodic rectifier inspections and repair existing systems.

Galvanic Cathodic Protection
Crews are ready to help install and maintain your galvanic current cathodic protection systems.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
Our team of OQ qualified professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in installing impressed current cathodic protection groundbeds. Our expertise will show in all aspects of the project from drilling to commissioning.

Installation Services Offered
Flatrock crews deliver a large variety of installation service to oil and gas companies all over the state. Our expert team is glad to help your company expand with our state-of-the-art equipment and vast knowledge. Our projects are delivered to you at affordable rates and are completed in a timely manner.

PHMSA/TRRC Compliance Service
Flatrock Corrosion Group’s consulting service is capable of managing all your Compliance Agreements needs, including but not limited to the following, Atmospheric Corrosion Reports, Pipe to Soil Reports, Blockvalve Inspections and Right of way Patrols.

Remote Monitoring
Flatrock is pleased to offer its customers a remote monitoring system as an economical alternative to the standard rectifier survey. This method is great for companies with widespread CP systems. Flatrock provides the equipment and upkeep to maintain your remote monitoring system. Our NACE certified team will review the data and reports received by the system to guarantee the information is correct. You are also able to set up email alerts to notify your team if a problem arises.

Solar Panal Installation & Maintenance
Flatrock is happy to announce that it is capable of helping your company when working in underserved electrical situations. We are able to efficiently install and maintain these ready-to-use panels in areas where there is no power to meet your electrical needs.


  • Alternating Current and Lightning Effects Mitigation
  • Engineering & Design
  • Field Testing
  • Galvanic Cathodic Protection
  • Impresses Current Cathodic Protection
  • Installation Services
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Solar Panel Installation/Maintenance

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